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I have no idea about 3D Printing or designing, but I want to know more and participate

If you have no idea about 3D printing, you have come to the right place! By the time this Olympiad is over, you would emerge an expert in the field of Design and Technology!

For starters you could stay updated by visiting the How to participate tab in our website. We will upload the latest videos with regards to 3D printing and designing. For a nouveau designer, you could visit some websites like and get a hands-on designing experience.

We at ATLAB will also be conducting 2 free workshops that would help the participants know all they need to know before innovating. The dates and timing will be mailed to the registered participants.


How Do I transform my design to an .stl format?

You can use any CAD software available online, which are totally free for students, like , Autocad’s , solidworks and any other commercial software. These are free software. You can use any other software that you are comfortable with and that can generate a 3D model and .stl file!


Who can participate in this Olympiad?

Whether you are an individual participant or are representing a school or a University, if you are from the GCC region, and have a passion for innovation, you can participate in this competition.

You can register as a Solo participant or form a 2 member team, the members of which should fall under the same age category.


How do I register my team?

If you are participating as a team, the team would have to elect a representative, who will register his/her details into our website. All communication will be directed through the team representative.

The team would need to have a creative team name for registration and will be known by their team name.


What do you mean by your tagline – Visualize, Design, Innovate?

We believe that everything has 3 dimensions to it and we wanted to incorporate that into our tagline. We want the participants to identify a need - a cause that can be fulfilled through their innovation. It could be as simple as designing a pair of unbreakable glasses for your grandmother to as complicated as designing a mandible or a prosthetic for an accident victim. We want our participants to identify their cause, visualize the solution, design it and in the process, innovate.


What formats do I have to upload?

For the 3D printable file, you can upload a .stl format (Stand. Tessellation Language) – a file format which uses many little triangles to make a 3 dimensional plot of the objects intended surface. For the presentation, upload an .mp4 format video file or a Powerpoint presentation. Remember that we would like to see you with your creation in these visual presentations!


What is the maximum file size of a 3D file upload World 3D printing Olympiad?

We suggest you not to exceed 50 Mb: the heavier the file, the longer the upload time. You could upload the file on to a dropbox account and send us the link to make the load lighter on the website and easier for our judges!


How to get my design 3D printed?

You could either visit our webstore and buy your very own 3D printer, or if you rather aspire to win one, then you could mail us at with your 3D printing request and we will get it done for you. The cost of getting it 3d printed is 350 AED including courier charges (applicable for any Gulf Country).