Atlab STEM Academy is an initiative of Atlab, world’s leading education training and learning solutions provider. Atlab has partnered with some of the pioneers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) solutions to engineer a curriculum that caters to the needs of an ideal education system.

Every student’s unique learning style is accommodated in the curriculum, whether a student is a kinesthetic or visual learner, or a nonreader. Atlab STEM Academy curriculum has been designed to ensure student success through a combination of text, videos, ICT and real-world, hands-on activities. As against the traditional teacher centric classroom model, children learn by way of enquiry, exploration, questioning, debate, application, collaboration, challenge and not merely listening to what is taught on the black board.

Our extensive Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) encourage teachers to lead the students, by overseeing and supervising the procedure of practical learning, while the students find their answers by utilizing the resources and modules provided by us. The modules use age appropriate equipments and kits from Atlab STEM Academy and come with teacher guides, student worksheets, videos, ready-to-use assessments and high quality consumable items, each packaged to cater Basic, Average and Advanced achievers.

Atlab STEM Academy is a small team of people with different missions, but one common vision in mind – “Enable every child to succeed”. With this vision Atlab STEM Academy has collaborated with world class pioneers in education to bring to GCC a single and most effective STEAM based solution. It is a proud moment for Atlab STEM Academy team to be able to bring this solution to the MOE Oman.